I am writing to thank you very much for the Indian Head Massages. I found them a great benefit as I haven’t had a migraine for 5 weeks. I enjoyed the gentle music and felt less stressed after each session. My neck muscles also seemed less tense. Also I had previously had a bad cold and felt that after you had massaged my face, my sinuses seemed less congested. Thank you very much.

Monica Storton, Totton, Southampton

I have been a patient at my surgery for 15 years. I have arthritis in my neck, lower back and right knee. In the past my doctor has given me prescription drugs for the pain and the swelling. Recently he sent me to see the reflexologist in the practice. After about six sessions I noticed that I have far less pain and much more movement in my joints particularly in my neck and knee. Although I have had to pay for this treatment and that is not easy for me, I would prefer that kind of help than taking painkillers and other drugs unless I really have to.

Mrs P Wells,Weston, Southampton

It is my view that Nicky is a pleasant, professional, competent and positive person who is a great asset to our Practice and with whom it is a great pleasure to work.

Dr E J Elliott, Woolston Lodge Surgery

I thoroughly enjoyed my aromatherapy treatment at La Vita Rosa. After welcoming me into her lovely treatment room, Nicoletta recommended a full body aromatherapy massage to relax and re-energise me after a challenging day at work. The soothing ambience of my surroundings, coupled with Nicoletta’s obvious professionalism and expertise quickly enabled me to relax and enjoy my treatment. Nicoletta’s unhurried warmth and experience and the high quality of the treatment room environment compared favourably with top clinics. I can’t wait to go back for another aromatherapy massage, or perhaps I’ll try Reflexology or an Indian Head Massage next time……

Georgina Andrews, Botley, Southampton.